Mutiny Wallet now available for Android and iOS

Mutiny Wallet now available for Android and iOS!

Mutiny Wallet now available for Android and iOS

We're happy to announce Mutiny Wallet is now available on iOS and Android.

We built Mutiny to be unstoppable. To do that, we knew we had to build it first for the web, without the censorship of permissioned app stores. Today, anyone can visit and get a self-custodial lightning wallet that can't be shut down by Apple or Google. Mutiny Wallet can even be self-hosted, for maximum sovereignty.

But native apps are cool too. Native apps can have better performance, better security, and better integration with native platform features.

You can now get the same great Mutiny experience in native app form directly from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

If you prefer, you can also get the Android app directly, or through an alternative app store like Obtainium.

If you're an existing Mutiny Wallet user, you can find instructions for moving your funds to the native app here. (It's pretty painless).

We have a lot of new features planned for Mutiny Wallet in the coming months (for all platforms), so stay tuned as we work to make Mutiny more social, more powerful, and even easier to use.

And if you want to help shape Mutiny's future, please join our new Discord server or Matrix community. We want to build the best spending wallet in bitcoin and your feedback can help us get there.