Mutiny Wallet Signet Release

We are excited to open up our signet version of Mutiny Wallet to everyone! Try it out now at

Mutiny Wallet Signet Release
Screenshot of the current Mutiny Wallet alpha release.

We are excited to open up our signet version of Mutiny Wallet to everyone as we start to roll out the mainnet version to our waitlist over the next few months!

To access the signet version, go to to start using it right away. No app download is needed, this works right on the web whether you are on a mobile phone, desktop, or even xbox. It is a "Progressive Web App" so you may install it onto your mobile phone's home screen too.

Here's a short list of current features we support:

  • Non-custodial On-chain and Lightning
  • Lightning Service Provider support with Voltage Flow 2.0
  • Receive Lightning payments without needing a channel first
  • Connect and open a channel to any other node on the network
  • Connect and open a channel with any other Mutiny wallet user
  • Tag lightning payments and UTXOs
  • Experimental Nostr Wallet Connect support
  • LNURL Pay and Auth support
  • Backup wallet data and import into another browser

If you would like signet funds, you can go to to request an on chain deposit.

We're also happy to say that Fedi has also released their alpha version on our Mutinynet Signet instance. We have been testing out the interoperability between our two apps and are quite impressed by the ease of being able to swap into and out of a fedimint federation with our non-custodial wallet. Feel free to try out both apps together to get a full experience of the two. More information about the Fedi Alpha may be found here.

We invite everyone interested in Mutiny to try it out and let us know what you think. We have a Matrix channel here and if you enjoy using the app, please make sure you are on the waitlist to get early access to the mainnet version.